The Church in Old Testament Typology

Gentle Reformation

We have been promoting happily David Murray’s book Jesus on Every Pageas it is such a clear presentation of how we can see Jesus throughout all of Old Testament literature as the Lord said we could (Luke 22:44; John 5:39).  Could it also be true that we can find “the church on every page” in the Old Testament, or at least the church on almost every page?

I believe so.

Of course this cuts against the grain of dispensational theology that grips much of the church today, which in itself is a sad irony as it leaves the church downplaying its very existence.  You see, one of the key tenets of dispensationalism is the sharp distinction made between the nation of Israel and the church.   This more than perhaps anything else is what distinguishes dispensational theology from covenant theology.  Though many systems of dispensationalism exist, every form…

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