Free Ebook: Pilgrim’s Progress, by John Bunyan

The links below are to a new edition of ‘Pilgrim’s Progress,’ by John Bunyan – published by Desiring God.

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What Kind of a Thing is the Bible? 6 Theses

What Kind of a Thing is the Bible? 6 Theses


Sometimes it’s helpful to state the obvious—to step back and remind ourselves of the forest so that we don’t get lost in all the trees. Within academia, hyper-specialization and the tyranny of the pedantic often obscure the obvious; within our everyday life, routine and the tyranny of the mundane often veil the obvious. So we need continual reminders of the obvious—not only in our relationships and everyday life, and also in our theology and spiritual life.

Here I list 6 evangelical theses about the Bible in the spirit of “naming the obvious,” with an implication for each one for how we read and/or preach the Bible. My hope is these might be helpful for those of us choosing and starting in on some kind of Bible reading plan for 2015. What kind of a thing are we planning to read? What is the forest we are about to enter?


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