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Five Reasons to Confront Even If You Hate Confrontation

Jemar Tisby

I hate conflict.  As a peacemaker by nature, I just want everyone to be happy.  Even it if means choking down my own opinions and convictions, a lot of times I’d rather just act as if everything is fine rather than have an argument with someone.

A Recent Confrontation

There’s nothing like a road trip to force a confrontation.  Recently a friend and I spent 10 hours in the car together on our way to a conference.  We’d had a disagreement over some work-related matters a couple of weeks prior, but I thought we were over it.  (Mistake #1: Never think you can resolve an intense conflict over e-mail!)

In due time, the raw wound became irritated again, but this time we were face-to-face with nothing to distract us.  We had to confront it.  We argued/discussed for close to an hour.  By the end my armpits were sweaty, my mouth…

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Article: Local churches Co-operating in Church Discipline

The link below is to an article that looks at local churches co-operating in matters of church discipline.

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