The Particular Baptist Journal

The Particular Baptist Journal was originally hosted at Posterous, but because of a lack of formatting options that would have suited me far better, I moved the site across to WordPress is the best Blogging platform there is (in my opinion) and I’m very happy to now have the journal here – something I should have done in the first place in hindsight.

With the move to WordPress, along with the hiatus in actually posting to the Posterous site, it is time to start again. The original vision for the journal is still the guiding principle for the journal and I hope to see a much more improved version of that vision coming into reality as the journal progesses in its new home. The Particular Baptist Journal will be the replacement for the various magazines and newsletters that have been published via the site over the years.

The Particular Baptist Journal will be somewhat different to the traditional approach to theological journals. It will also be different as far as publishing times are concerned – it won’t be monthly, weekly or bi-monthly. Rather, it will be updated on an ongoing basis, just like a Blog. Articles to the journal will be posted as they become available and will include not only full length articles, but also links to other online articles and resources. Posts will include church history, sermons, articles, books and/or chapters of books, articles on cults and errors, etc.

There will be a PDF journal available also, but this is yet to be developed and will not be the same as the online journal. It will however be available via a page on this site and will be archived here also. It will more than likely also be available via Scribd bwhen the time comes.

The journal is aimed at every day Particular and Reformed Baptists, which means it isn’t meant to be an academic journal and certainly won’t come across as one. It is put together by me, so that wouldn’t be possible even if I had tried to do so. That doesn’t mean that the trained pastor or servant of Christ won’t profit by reading the articles and posts here at the journal. The journal should also provide rich reading material to other Reformed Christians, as well as to other christians seeking a heartier reading experience than what they have been hitherto exposed to.