Changes Update

I have been trying to work out just what to do with the site that was previously and the role that this Blog will play going forward. I have hit a few speed humps along the way, but think I may now have a way to move forward.

My new main page/home page will be a Facebook Page (which I have had for some time) and the links appear below.

For more visit:

I will be posting here again in the next couple of days.


There will be changes coming to this Blog in the near future and while I work on just what those changes might be there will be a break in posts for a while, though there may be some changes happening to the structure of the Blog itself during that time. This has already begun with the links on the right of the page.

These changes have become necessary because I have had to close the website. This is because the fees to cover the cost of hosting, etc, have become too high. The price has more than doubled in the last year, after rising the previous year also. I can no longer afford those payments, so I have decided to close the site (and my other sites), which should roll over by the end of this month.

I still intend to continue this Blog, though I expect there will probably be more posts of a substantial nature in the future, rather than just links to great articles.