Article: Digital Bible in the Pulpit

The link below is to an article that is clearly anti-tablet (and I would say any form of ebook reader) and/or digital form of the Bible in the pulpit. I don’t think I can agree with this sentiment, though I can see some reasons why having the traditional form of the Bible in the pulpit would be an advantage. I really couldn’t see how I could preach without my usual printed notes and a traditional form of the Bible (Note: I am not talking translations, only traditional versus digital). It would simply be too difficult to use a tablet/ebook reader/laptop – certainly I would be uncomfortable attempting to do so. Others who have perhaps grown accustomed to using digital media would be quite comfortable doing so and I don’t know that I could outlaw the use of digital media in the pulpit for such men. The Word of God after all is the content of the message (the actual Word of God) rather than the medium in which it arrives (audiobook form, spoken form or written form). The printed page in my opinion is not the crucial matter, but the actual content written on the printed page/digital page.

That’s just my opinion, which I know is very briefly stated and could be argued in a more reasoned manner perhaps. Do you agree with the article? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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