Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan

The link below is to an article that considers the story of ‘Pilgrim’s Progress,’ by John Bunyan.

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Life of John Bunyan

The link below is to an article concerning the life and work of John Bunyan.

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The link below is to a page that includes two biographies of John Bunyan hosted on the particularbaptist.com website. ‘Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners,’ by Bunyan himself is also linked to there.

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Free Ebook: Pilgrim’s Progress, by John Bunyan

The links below are to a new edition of ‘Pilgrim’s Progress,’ by John Bunyan – published by Desiring God.

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Book Review: Killing Calvinism – How to Destroy a Perfectly Good Theology from the Inside, by Greg Dutcher

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Killing CalvinismI have started reading ‘Killing Calvinism – How to Destroy a Perfectly Good Theology from the Inside,’ by Greg Dutcher. This book was released by Cruciform Press in June 2012, so I have been reading a new book for a change. Generally I read books that were written many years ago, often several centuries ago, so this was a bit unusual for me. It was however the title of the book, along with a review that I had read somewhere, that drew my attention to it and so I decided to buy it at Amazon in Kindle format.

So reading the book I quickly discovered that it was a very easy book to read, even though it dealt with a subject that was indeed crucial, timely and weighty. Calvinism is the behemoth of Christian theology, being a system of truth that epitomises the teaching of Scripture. It has produced great…

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