Principles for Young Preachers

The link below is to an article that looks at 10 principles for the young preacher, which will probably be of help to all, though they may seem a bit simple.

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7 Principles of Sabbath Rest

7 Principles of Sabbath Rest


Life has been busy lately. Our daughter is due soon, I am taking my comprehensive finals next month for my PhD, I’m writing/editing stuff, and I’ve taken on expanded responsibilities at our church. I’m sensitive to the danger of taking on too much, and I’ve continually had to surrender my schedule to the Lord and ask for wisdom. But for this season, I honestly feel the Lord has called me to all these things, and I’m enjoying them all and learning so much in the process. I have, however, had to reflect a great deal about the importance of setting up healthy habits of work and rest during this busy season. Somewhat paradoxically, I rest more deliberately and more consistently during this time of my life than I ever have. Here are 7 principles about Sabbath rest that I am learning. I share them in hopes they might help others…

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