Serial Spammer Will Not Be Allowed to Post His Spam Here

From time to time you come across self-serving fools who like to troll websites and splash their spam all over it. My Blogs suffer from this constantly and there is one who is constantly trying to spam a number of my sites day in and day out. I won’t mention his name as I don’t intend to give him any publicity or to in any way encourage visitors here to seek him out. I moderate my Blogs and only allow comments through that aid discussion of topics here in a useful manner, that don’t contain material I deem offensive, and that help to develop a sense of community. So if you must continue to post your material in the comments sections of my Blogs, rest assured that they are never read by visitors (or myself) and will never be read by them (or me). They are simply deleted and all of your time wasted. It will always be so.

NOTE: Do Not Attempt to Post Articles in Comments

This is just a quick note for those ‘Bloggers’ trying to get a free ride via this Blog and post articles to the comments of posts – DON’T! I will not let these articles through. Most are usually full of error and totally in opposition to the beliefs and views held by the owner of this site and most of the people who read the content linked to here, posted here, etc. They are just spam and will be treated as such.